Current CE Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements for Compliance Period 1-1-2021 through 12-31-2022.

* Please be aware that CE hours do not carry over from one compliance period to the next.


6 hours must be: In Person hours

12 hours can be: In Person or Webinar or Online hours  (Webinars ARE NOT considered In Person hours)



Of the 18 hours, 5 shall be in the following required categories:

1 hour of Ethics,    2 hours of Preneed,    2 hours of Laws & Rules


INITIAL LICENSES (Apprentices Please Note): 

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule 4717-9-01 Continuing Education Requirements
(A) Pursuant to section 4717.09 of the Revised Code, each person licensed to practice as an embalmer or funeral director in this state shall earn a minimum of eighteen hours of continuing education programs approved by the board for the two year compliance period and every two years thereafter. Compliance shall be required on or before the end of each two-year period following December 31, 2006. The two-year compliance period shall commence on January first of the next two-year compliance period following receipt of the applicant's initial license. Compliance with the requirements of continuing education is a prerequisite for license renewal.



Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule 4717-9-01 Continuing Education Requirements
(I) The board shall not consider individual insurance programs for continuing education credit.

(J) The board shall allow four hours of credit for licensees who submit a copy of the "licensee continuing education transcript" from the Ohio department of insurance evidencing satisfactory completion of the continuing education requirements for issuance or renewal of an insurance license.