File a Complaint

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Complaints

How to File a Complaint

An individual seeking to file a complaint with the Board must submit the complaint in writing. 

The Board does not accept complaints by phone. 

You may submit a written complaint by regular mail or email. 

Only in extreme cases will the Board accept a complaint by phone. 



What Information Should be Included in the Complaint?

Please include any relevant information in the complaint with as much detail as possible. 

While you may think a certain fact is immaterial, the Board and its compliance staff may think differently. 

Include information such as the individual or facility that is violating Board law or rule, location, names of individuals who witnessed the alleged conduct, and the contact information of those witnesses. 

The Board would also like to see any physical evidence such as photographs, documents, or records. 

Please include your contact information and whether or not you would be willing to testify if a hearing were to occur. 

What Happens After a Complaint is Filed?

Once a complaint is received, the complaint is assigned a case number and assigned to a member of the compliance staff.  

The subject of the complaint is notified and has 14 days to respond to the allegations contained in the complaint. 

At the end of the 14 day response period, the compliance staff continues the investigation until it is concluded.

After investigation of a complaint is complete, the Board will evaluate the complaint. 

If the Board determines that a violation did not occur, the Board will close the complaint and the complainant will receive written notification of the Board’s decision. 

If a violation of the Board’s law or rule exists, the Board will take appropriate action based upon the recommendation of the compliance staff. 

If the Board makes a motion to charge the licensee for a violation and it is approved, a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing will be sent to the licensee. 


Does the Board Notify the Subject of the Complaint?

Yes, the Board notifies the subject of the complaint and provides a 14 day response period. 

The subject of the complaint may contest, acknowledge, or provide additional information regarding the alleged conduct and violation. 

Does the Board Handle Cemetery Complaints?

No, the Board does not investigate or handle cemetery complaints

Complaints involving a cemetery are handled by the Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission. 

For more information about the Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission and its complaint process, please see the RESOURCES tab on our website. 

Will the Complaint Become a Public Record?

Yes, a complaint submitted to the Board is considered a public record and is subject to a request under the Ohio Public Records Act.