What Documents are required to Change Ownership?

The following items are required in order to apply for a change in ownership:

  1. A letter stating an intent to change ownership that names the new owner(s), the name and license number of the actually in charge and ultimately responsible, the date the change of ownership will become effective, the name and license number of the existing facility that will undergo the change in ownership. This letter must be uploaded in eLicense;
  2. The actually in charge and ultimately responsible must complete a new BCI and FBI criminal records check pursuant to ORC 4776. The Revised Code requires a criminal records check to be completed any time a new license is issued by the Board. Because the new owner(s) will receive a new facility license with the change of ownership, a new criminal records check is required. All BCI and FBI results must be sent directly to the Board by BCI. The Board cannot accept results sent to an individual;
  3. Return the wall display and wallet card to the Board office via mail; and
  4. Submit a clearly enumerated account of all preneed funeral contracts, life insurance policies or annuities which are payable to the provider of funeral or burial goods or services; and accounts at banks or savings banks insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation.

Will I Be Charged a Fee?

Yes. A change in ownership requires the Board to issue a new license. As a result, the applicant seeking to make the change is required to pay the application fee.

How Do I Change Ownership?

An individual seeking to change ownership of a facility is required to apply for a new license by completing a new application online through eLicense. Changing the ownership requires careful coordination between the current owner and the individual seeking to become the new owner.

The person who will be the actually in charge and ultimately responsible is required to log into eLicense, access the service request feature, and request to inactivate the current license. The current actually in charge and ultimately responsible must upload the required letter notifying the Board of the change and coordinate with the new person who will be the actually in charge and ultimately responsible to return the wall display and wallet card.

The new actually in charge and ultimately responsible is required to log into eLicense, complete an application for a new facility, upload the required documents, and pay the required application fee.


Please complete the change in ownership application only after carefully reading all information provided on the website explaining the process and documents required to change ownership.